Enerwell provides engineering consulting services in such areas as electric power, power supply and electrification of railway transport and power supply of industrial enterprises.

Our company provides solutions for a wide range of


  • all voltage level substations (0,4-750 kV);
  • power plants;
  • all voltage level underground power lines (0,4-330 kV);
  • overhead power lines 0,4-10 kV;
  • traction substations, overhead contact systems and other power supply of railway transport objects;

and their systems:

  • relay protection and control;
  • emergency control of power system;
  • automated systems of control and metering of electric energy;
  • automated process control systems (SCADA & etc);
  • power electrical equipment & etc.

As part of the work performed, our specialists execute:

  • site survey and collection of initial data;
  • all necessary engineering calculations;
  • justification and approval of the selected equipment;
  • development of schematic diagrams and other explanatory materials;
  • coordination of solutions with the Customer and other stakeholders;
  • construction planning;
  • calculation of construction costs (development of budget documentation);
  • independent expertise passing.